Definitions for "ITS"
Intermarket Trading System. A computer network that connects several major U.S....
1) Intelligent Transportation System 2) Insertion Test Signal
Integrated Transport Strategy
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Cisco IOS Telephony Services - The earlier version of Cisco CallManager Express (CME).
See Cisco CME.
Internet Telephony Server
Inferior Temporal Sulcus. Lacrimal bone- a skull bone
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Formerly called IVHS.
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Impulse Tracker Sample. See ITI, except the header uses IMPS.
Internet Document Set or Impulse Tracker Sample
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Bibliofile ITS
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Test signals inserted in the lines of the vertical blanking interval, defined by the TV standard, e. g. for the 625 standard the CCIR together with the EBU issued the formal specifications for the signals inserted in lines 17, 18, 330 and 331.
Insertion Test Signal (also VITS) for monitoring a channel's video performance parameters.
Internationalization Tag Set
Internationalizatio wbr n Tag Set
State Information Processing Services
Iowa Transfers Service
Intertek Testing Services Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
An administrative department at CCSF providing hardware and programming support to the college's administrative, faculty and student users.
Intensive Treatment Status. Intensive Management Status (IMS) for an offender with a Serious Mental Illness who has been designated as one who needs to reside in an Intensive Treatment Status (ITS). Referenced by 320.250 - Intensive Management/Treatment Status Placement/Transfer/Release
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Investment Trusts top of list JET Joint European Taurus project top of list KP Constant prices top of list LA Local Authority
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Possessive form of the pronoun it. See It.
OR it's-- "its" is possessive, like "his/her" -- "it's" means "it is" [numbers] J J J
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Incidental Take Statement
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Idle Tracking Switch
It links the R/3 application server with one or more Web servers, thus enabling the R/3 to communicate with the Internet.
Internet Transaction Server links R/3 Application server to web servers to communicate with Internet.
A computer network that connects several major U.S. stock exchanges for the purpose of choosing the best market for a given transaction.
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Initial Training School
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See Blue Card Plan.