Definitions for "Item record"
An inventory record created for each physical volume in the Library's collection which is used by the circulation system to track such things as circulation status, loan period, housing location, etc.
A record in the library catalog which describes a book, document, periodical or other material of which the library owns a copy or to which its users may have access. It consists of fields specifying for each item the author's name(s), title(s), place of publication, publisher name, edition statements, date of publication, physical description. Also included in the item record is the location of the item in the library, its call number, and its status, or if it is accessible via the Internet, a link to it. For more information and examples -- Catalog Tutorial: Search by Author: Item Record See also -- Call Number See also -- Field See also -- Record See also -- Library Catalog
A record attached to a bibliographic record, assigned to an individual volume, containing location, copy number, volume number, circulation information, etc
Describes particular resources or groups of resources within a collection.
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