Definitions for "Issuer"
The institution identified on the card issued to the cardholder.
This is the financial institution that issues the credit card.
A financial institution or other seller of the assets which comprise the collateral for the asset backed securities insured by Ambac. The listed Issuer may be the parent company of one or more subsidiary companies which actually originated the collateral or sold it to the securitization.
A company or municipality offering (or having already offered) securities for sale to investors. Examples include corporations, investment trusts, and government entities. see also direct issuer, underwriter, quiet period.
The term ISSUER is broadly defined in Section 2(4) to include any PERSON who issues or plans to issue any SECURITY. With respect to EQUIPMENT TRUST CERTIFICATES, the term ISSUER means the person by whom the equipment or property is to be used. With respect to MINERAL INTERESTS, the term ISSUER means the owner of the mineral right who creates FRACTIONAL INTERESTS in the right for PUBLIC OFFERING. With respect to an AMERICAN DEPOSITARY RECEIPT (ADR), the term ISSUER means the issuer of the deposited shares that are represented by the ADRS. (Rule 15c-211(e)(4)).
An entity, such as a corporation, municipality or government, that has the power to issue and distribute securities.
a broker that was censured pursuant to a Commission order
a legal person or natural person who issues securities pursuant to the established procedure and is liable to investors and brokers for obligations arising therefrom
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the company that chooses to distribute a portion of its stock to the public.
an insurance company that offers IR annuity contracts
The issuer of a structured annuity in Canada is a life insurance company.
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One who issues, emits, or publishes.
A trusted Certificate Authority (CA) who signs (verifies) a digital certificate with his or her private key. The issuer is specified on the digital certificate.
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interest coverage ratio I I page
Issuer is a required field for adding investments.
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a manager of digital value