Definitions for "ISS"
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Individual Support Services
International Social Services
Informational Services Section
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An abbreviation for Internet Security Systems, a company that has been licensed by Microsoft to include its intrusion detection technology with ISA Server.
Internet Sharing Software. An application that allows all PCs on a network access the Internet simultaneously through a single modem and Internet Service Provider (ISP) account.
Internet sign-up server. An HTTP server that automates the task of adding new customers to an ISP's customer database. The Internet sign-up server collects information from each customer, adds the information to the ISP's customer database, and then passes a configuration packet back to the customer's desktop computer. The configuration packet contains information that is used to configure the customer's Internet browser for subsequent connection to the ISP's services.
Inferred from sequence or structural similarity: Sequence similarity [homolog of/most closely related to]; Recognized domains; Structural similarity; Southern blotting
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ion-scattering spectroscopy
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InstallShield Response File
Instructional systems specialist
Instructional Support Specialists
Inspection Support Staff
Information Systems Security
Information Systems Strategy
Information Systems Strategies. A method that aligns information technology priorities with business strategies and defines the approach to take to achieve those goals.
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Instant Start Systems
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Inventory Stock Status
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Injury Severity Score
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Institute of Social Studies
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Identity Search Server