Definitions for "ISP"
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ISPs, such as Alameda Cable, provide access to the Internet, be it to individuals or to large companies. Included with access to the Internet are usually other services, such as an email address and web page hosting.
A company, school, organization or individual that provides Internet access. An ISP is similar to a cable company. A cable company gives you an account to access cable channels; an ISP gives you an account to access the Internet. Commercial online services are a bit different, they give you access to their own private area on the Internet as well as (sometimes limited) access to the rest of the Internet. Examples of commercial online service providers are America Online, CompuServe, NetCom, and Prodigy.
a company that provides the service of giving you an internet connection either via dial-up modem or through DSL, cable etc for faster connections.
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In System Programmable - This phrase describes devices that can be programmed (or reprogrammed) without having to remove them from the circuit board. This is done using the four JTAG pins available on every Xilinx CPLD and FPGA.
In-System Programmable device. A programmable logic device that can be programmed after it has been connected to (soldered into ) the system PC-board Although all SRAM-based FPGAs are naturally ISP, this term is only used with certain CPLDs, to distinguish them from the older CPLDs that must be programmed in programming equipment.
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nternet ervice rovider
theoretical-specific impulse
Specific Impulse. Also abbreviated SI.
Notation for specific impulse. See Specific Impulse.
San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project
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Information Systems Plan. Each DHFS division's plan/budget for data processing for a given fiscal year.
International Standardized Profile. An internationally agreed-to, harmonized document that identifies a standard or group of standards, together with options and parameters, necessary to accomplish a function or set of functions.
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In Store Processor. In most multi-user POS system arrangements a central machine is used at the store level for PLU, IC, etc. This can be a server on a LAN, a central Unix workstation, a 4680 Controller, etc. Basically the individual POS terminals (or PCs) communicate with the ISP, which in turn communicates with the host, or back office system. Depending on the size of the retailer, the ISP can be the entire back office system.
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Incentive Special Pay
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integral substrate package
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Independent Science Panel
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Instrument Source Packet
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Independent Study Project
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Integrated Systems Project
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Installation Security Plan
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Information Support Plan
Information Systems Planning (5)