Definitions for "Isolation"
The act of isolating, or the state of being isolated; insulation; separation; loneliness.
The separation of people who are ill with a specific contagious disease to stop the spread of disease. Isolation can be voluntary or mandatory, applied to people or groups, and take place in homes, hospitals, or community isolation centers.
Separation of seed fields from fields of other varieties of the same crop, same variety fields not conforming to varietal purity requirements; other related species and fields affected by designated diseases to prevent genetic and disease contamination.
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the process by which a permit required space is removed from service and protected against the release of energy and material into the space.
Isolation is a studio album by Toto, released in November 1984. This was the only album they made with Fergie Fredriksen as a vocalist.
"Isolation" is a 1980 song appearing on the Manchester post-punk band Joy Division's second album release Closer. The song marches along with a classic Peter Hook bassline and an industrial, synthesized beat by Stephen Morris accompanied by a processed keyboard line by Bernard Sumner and booming Ian Curtis vocal. Midway through the song, Stephen Morris adds a rushing acoustic drum and hi-hat beat, speeding toward the song's dramatic end in what resembles a compact disc skipping followed by a sudden electronic crescendo, closing the song at just under three minutes.
Is a measure of the presence of the unwanted wavelength relative to the wanted wavelength in a particular port of a wavelength division demultiplexer.
Ability to prevent undesired optical energy from appearing in a signal path.
Also referred to as far-end cross-talk or far-end isolation. Predominantly used in reference to WDM products, it is a measure of light at an undesired wavelength relative to the desired wavelength.
Keeping two (or more) items apart from each other. This can include cables, chassis, etc. Keeping an audio signal in an mixer's channel strip out of adjacent channel strips. Also can mean keeping sound out of a certain area.
the act of isolating something; setting something apart from others
a feeling of being disliked and alone
A technique that focuses work on an individual muscle without secondary or assisting muscle groups being involved, which provides maximal muscle shape. A good example is the seated dumbbell concentration curl.
Focusing solely on a single muscle group, as opposed to Compound exercises (see this term). This allows you to pay special attention to lagging or unevenly trained problem areas, thereby correcting the problem.
Exercises involving motion at one joint, targeting one specific muscle. In a properly performed bicep curl, the joint motion occurs only at the elbow and targets only the biceps muscle.
Any mechanical valve used to isolate a section of a piping system.
A method of control for hazardous materials in which the material is kept completely away from workers by enclosing it in tanks, pipes, or reaction vessels.
means the process by which an energy source is removed from service and completely protected against the release of energy and material into the space by such means as: blanking or blinding; misaligning or removing sections of lines, pipes, or ducts; a double block and bleed system; lockout or tagout of all sources of energy; or blocking or disconnecting all mechanical linkages.
The condition of being geographically cut off or far removed from mainstreams of thought and action. It also denotes a lack of receptivity to outside influences, caused at least partially by inaccessibility. De Blij, H. J., and Perter O. Muller; Geography - Regions and Concepts; John Wiley and Sons, Inc.; New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto and Singapore; 1992; page 606.
Isolation is the state of being free from external influence.
Because he did not wish to be challenged by outside influences, the shogun closed Japan at the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1868). Only a few isolated ports were open to traders from China and the West.
In electronic specifications, a measure of how well a signal is protected from interference from other signals. See " Crosstalk."
See near-end crosstalk.
Maintenance of infected individuals away from all other people who are not properly protected.
Kept apart from other people. People having high dose chemotherapy, bone marrow or stem cell transplant are often looked after in single rooms while their white blood cell counts are low. This is to protect them from infection while their immunity is low. Their visitors have to follow special rules such as wearing aprons and washing their hands when they enter and leave the room. The isolation restrictions vary, but often include restrictions on what you can eat. For example, you may not be allowed salads, unpeeled fruit, soft cheese, or cream. And you may only be allowed one or two visitors a day.
Keeping patients who are at risk of infection or who have contagious conditions, separated from others.  Before entering a room, staff and visitors take special protective precautions, such as putting on gloves, masks, and washing hands.
A defense mechanism operating unconsciously central to obsessive-compulsive phenomena in which the affect is detached from an idea and rendered unconscious, leaving the conscious idea colorless and emotionally neutral. See also: Treatment
A mechanism of defense in which anxiety arousing memories are retained but without the emotion that accompanied them.
(psychiatry) a defense mechanism in which memory of an unacceptable act or impulse is separated from the emotion originally associated with it
In contact juggling and other types of object manipulation, an isolation is an illusion whereby a prop appears to float in space, with the performer's hands and body moving around it. In reality, of course, the performer is supporting the prop, and countering his or her movement relative to the prop. Michael Moschen is originally credited for developing several of the techniques for ball isolations (as well as hoops and other props) and since his original performance of 'Light' in the late 80s, the idea has developed into a wide variety of techniques.
A type of offence where one player is isolated and cuts till they get the disc.
A process where one player may raise or re-raise in hopes of eliminating as many other players as possible. The player who does this is hoping to play heads up with one other opponent.
In poker, an isolation play is usually a raise designed to encourage one or more players to fold, specifically for the purpose of making the hand a one-on-one contest with a specific opponent. For example, if an opponent raises and a player suspects he is bluffing, a player may reraise to pressure other opponents to fold, with the aim of getting heads up.
An acoustical term used to describe sound privacy by rcing direct sound paths.
An unreachable collection of passages completely surrounded by walls such that there exists no path to that section from any start point.
A measure of the insertion loss in the “open” path of an RF switch, or between any two ports in a passive RF component. Like insertion loss, it is measured in decibels.
a prerequisite to the study of gene expression of herbaceous plant Dendrobium nobile under an environmental stress
The difference in power, expressed in dB, between two different points in a system.
Inhibiting the migration of radioactive material to the extent that the amounts entering the accessible environment will not exceed prescribed limits.
Condition intended to contain radioactive materials released in a nuclear accident inside the containment building.
The reduction of the capacity of a system to respond to an external force by use of resilient isolating materials.
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preference for seclusion or isolation
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A catheter ablation technique that creates lesions (cuts or scars) around a source of A-Fib to keep it from transmitting A-Fib signals into the rest of the heart. If a source of A-Fib area is "isolated," it is still producing A-Fib signals, but they aren't spreading to the rest of the heart. See Focal Point Catheter Ablation.
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the amount of energy that is deposited in a cone around a track. It is used for distinguishing between an isolated particle (such as an electron from a Z decay) and a particle in a jet.
The Plug and Play process by which cards on an ISA bus are distinguished from each other after system startup.
Policy of withdrawal from, and nonparticipation in, world affairs.
a country's withdrawal from internal politics; "he opposed a policy of American isolation"
transactions must be independent of each other.
Property of a transaction in which its components are executed independently of one another.
In the ACID sense, even though transactions execute concurrently, they appear to be serialized, as though other transactions execute before or after it.
Movement done with one body part or a small part of the body. Examples are rolling the head, shrugging the shoulders, and rotating the pelvis.
a fundamental step for further study of this macromolecule including transcription analyses
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A containing of the sound wave in a certain area so that it will not leak into other areas and/or unintended mics.
The protection of equipment from vibration and/or shock. The degree (or percentage) of isolation necessary is a function of the fragility of the equipment.
The determination of the location of a failure through the use of accessory support and diagnostic equipment.
Identifying a single defender to pancake.
No electrical connection between two or more circuits.
Two circuits are isolated when there is no direct electrical connection between them.
The ability of a circuit or component to reject interference, usually expressed in db.
An abuser may cut off his/her partner from systems of support such as networks of friends, family, and resources as a form of control.
(dance) moving individual parts of the body (body centres) independently of others
In database systems, isolation is a property that the changes made by an operation are not visible to other simultaneous operations on the system until its completion. This is one of the ACID properties.
1. The process of getting an organism in pure culture. 2. The pure culture itself. ( 17)
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the difference in level (measured in dB) between a transmitted and received signal due to filtering
An application is isolated from other applications if it is guaranteed to receive a certain level of service regardless of the behavior of other applications.