Definitions for "Isolate"
To separate from all foreign substances; to make pure; to obtain in a free state; as, to isolate the desired product from a reaction mixture.
To obtain a culture of a microorganism in pure form (from a complex mixture); as, to isolate Eschericia coli from a patient's blood.
Different strains of HIV.
To raise or reraise to limit the action to yourself and a single opponent.
To raise with the intention to get heads-up in the pot against another player.
To raise with the intention of thinning the field of opponents down to one.
Dynamic tool for effectivly removing troublesome hosts from a routed network using ettercap and snort. This tool has been proven to be effective in slowing the spread of the RPC DCOM virii that have been in circulation.
To place in a detached situation; to place by itself or alone; to insulate; to separate from others; as, to isolate an infected person from others; to isolate the troublemakers in a classroom.
To insulate. See Insulate.
separate (experiences) fromt he emotions relating to them
Place apart or alone.
place or set apart; "They isolated the political prisoners from the other inmates"
set apart from others; "The dentist sequesters the tooth he is working on"
Seperation of an aroma chemical from an Essential Oil via distillation (mechanically) or hydrolysis (chemically), or by other partitioning methods. Example; eugenol from Clove Leaf Oil.
Something that has been isolated; as, an isolate of a powerful antibiotic from a tropical plant; an isolate of tuberculosis bacillus from an infected patient.
a purified constituent of a defined molecular structure obtained from a plant or a plant material, an alga, a bacterium, a fungus or a non-human animal material
a specific individual microbe and its genetically identical progeny.
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A group in which mating is always between members of the group. For example, the Amish.
Actions taken to reroute power around a particular area, leaving it isolated from an energy source while repairs are made. - Abbreviation for 1,000. (12 kv = 12,000 volts, 500 kv = 500,000 volts).