Definitions for "Ism"
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International Safety Management (IMO code for ships)
Abbreviation for Internet Service Manager.
Integrated Safety Management The umbrella EH&S program for the Lab
A doctrine or theory; especially, a wild or visionary theory.
Used to refer to practices, beliefs, attitudes and institutions that benefit the agent group at the expense of the target group. i.e. abelism, ageism, classism, ethnocentrisim. heterosexism, racism, sexism, sizism.
"A Formal Doctrine, System or Theory." Usually used in a derogatory sense. From "-ism." See "-ism."
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The ncredibly hort emories we have that let us repeat old mistakes and get the same old results; it's the ponsor yself's, the old ego telling us that we don't need help. Its all the , elf and e's that keep haunting us if we don't take action in the form of the 12 steps.
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a prejudice held by others on the basis of a particular attribute
Power plus prejudice.
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Industrial, Science and Medical. Bands of frequencies that were allocatd by the FCC to spur rapid development of RF applications in a virtual open-market fashion. Licensing is automatic.
Industrial Scientific Medical
Unlicensed radio bands that operate at 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz.
International Solidarity Movement
identified subscriber messaging. ISM affects what subscribers hear when they call other subscribers from their primary or alternate extensions and are forwarded to the greetings of the subscribers they call. If they then leave a message, ISM affects what the called subscriber hears and can do when listening to the message. When ISM is enabled, Cisco Unity recognizes that the calling extension is associated with a subscriber and accordingly plays the internal greeting of the called subscriber. Additionally, when the called subscriber later listens to the message, Cisco Unity plays the recorded voice name of the subscriber who left the message and allows the called subscriber to record a reply.
International Standards for Medical Treatment, Including Care of the Disabled and Terminally Ill (from the U.N. and the World Medical Association).
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insterstellar medium
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Illinois State Museum
act or abnormal condition classified by prefix (i.e., transvestism)
Interconnection Structure Module (component of the iMSS Call Agent)
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See A-G Canada Ltd.
Integrated Sustainment Maintenance
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Inside of Metal