Definitions for "ISDN line"
Keywords:  bri, voice, switchable, spid, kbps
(Integrated Services Digital Line); a special phone line, carrying only digital (discrete) signals. ISDN lines are switchable and can be used as regular phone lines; they are primarily used to carry data traffic. Two types are available: BRI (basic rate interface) and PRI (primary rate interface), which is equivalent to 23 BRI lines.
We will provide an ISDN BRI circuit and its SPID numbers. Provide up to 128 Kbps of throughput. Standard set up is alternate Voice or Data on both B channels. A deposit on both channels is required for long distance services and local calls, when applicable.
a digital connect ion capable of carrying much more inform ation than an ordinary phone line
Keywords:  circuit, billed, continue, special
a special circuit and therefore will continue to be billed as it has in the past