Definitions for "ISD"
Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency. failure of the sphincteric mechanisms of the urethra to generate adequate pressure to retain urine in the bladder.
Intrinsic Sphincter Defect. Similar to SUI but cause of incontinence associated with a disorder of the urethra rather than pelvic relaxation.
Intrinsic sphincter deficiency. A cause of stress urinary incontinence in which the urethral sphincter is unable to contract and generate sufficient resistance in the bladder, especially during activities that increase pressure on the bladder (e.g. coughing, laughing). ISD may be due to congenital sphincter weakness, such as myelomeningocele or epispadias, or it may be acquired from prostate cancer treatments, trauma, radiation therapy, or spinal cord injury.
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Information Services Division until changed to ITD in 1999. A division of North Dakota state government. See ITD
Immigrant Services Division
Information and Statistics Division
(Instructional Design) A system of developing well-structured instructional materials using objectives, related teaching strategies, systematic feedback and evaluation.
Instructional Systems Design. A formal process for designing training, be it computer-based or traditional instructor-led training. The ISD process includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Also known as System Approach to Training (SAT).
Instructional Systems Design. A formal process for designing training, be it computer-based or traditional instructor-led training. The ISD process, as applied to CBT and WBT, suggests a comprehensive needs analysis, user analysis, design document (including flowcharts, storyboards, and evaluation procedures), application prototype, finished computer application, usability testing, and effectiveness evaluation.
Investment Services Directive. A European directive that allows certain businesses once authorised in one part of the EEA to undertake investment services in another part of the EEA without the need for re-authorisation. Consequently, authorisation becomes "passportable". Note, however, that not all activities are passportable. See Core and Non-Core and compare the definitions of Instruments/ Investments and Investment Business and Investment Services.
Investment Services Directive. A Directive produced by the European Commission re... Add a comment
Investment Services Directive. A European Union Directive with the objective to harmonise standards of regulation and allow firms established in any EU member state to conduct investment business in any other EU state.
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RapidFile Dictionary
Internal Sales Document. Used exclusively for recording the sales of services or products by recharge or costs centers and auxiliary enterprises to other University entities. The Internal Sales Document (ISD) Web page provides additional information. Also see Cost Transfer Invoice (CTI).
Internal Sercurity Department
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Abbr. for mperial tar estroyer and mperial tar estroyer Mark II, respectively. [ edit][ edit
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Imperial Star Destroyer.
Intersection sight distance. The unobstructed view of an entire (at-grade) intersection and sufficient lengths of the intersecting highway to permit control of the vehicle to avoid collisions during through and turning movements.
independent school district. ISD is a common acronym for Independent School District.
Indiana School for the Deaf
Inhibited sexual desire. Persistent or recurrent inability to achieve or maintain an adequate lubrication-swelling response until completion of sexual activity.
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In-Source Decay
Intelligence & Security Directorate
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IBM Software Distribution.
Information Systems Delivery