Definitions for "Ischium"
The ventral and posterior of the three principal bones composing either half of the pelvis; seat bone; the huckle bone.
most posterior and ventral of the three bones of the pelvic girdle. jugal - The bone that forms the midsection of the zygomatic arch.
Greek ischion = socket, because the ischium contributes more than either the ilium or pubis to the acetabulum.
The third segment of a thoracic appendage. See pereopod.
The third segment of the leg from the body or the fifth article from distal end of leg (usually first large article of maxilliped). See figure.
On a maxilla, maxillipeds,chilped,or a ambulatory,the third segment form the proximal end
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see ischiopodite.
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One of the pleuræ of insects.