Definitions for "IRS"
The IRS is responsible for the collection, enforcement and to a degree the...
Internal Revenue Service. The federal agency that enforces tax law and collects taxes for the U.S. government.
International Retail Service. An order and quote-driven trading service for international equity market securities.
Inertial Reference System
Inertial RadioNavigation system, which uses ground based aids to check the accuracy of navigational plotting
Inertial Radio Navigation System
Acronym for " independent rear suspension."
Independent Remuneration Solutions
Stands for independent rear suspension, meaning a car's back wheels are hinged independently so they can move up and down without affecting each other. Compared with a live rear axle - basically a solid beam containing the differential and drive shafts in a rear-drive car - it can give more accurate handling over bumpy roads while also providing better grip.
Inversiones y Representations SA
Interest Rate Swaps. An exchange of two debt obligations that have different payment streams. The transaction usually exchanges two parallel loans; one fixed the other floating.
Interest Rate Swap. A swap arrangement where interest payments on a certain amount of principal are exchanged between two parties on a specific date. One of the payment streams involved is usually based on a fixed interest rate, while the other is based on a floating rate. Sometimes referred to as interest rate exchange agreement.
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WordPerfect File
Devices used by the CompuLink Timing System to measure a vehicle's elapsed time and speed at specific points on the quarter mile.
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Increasing returns to scale = IRTS.
Ignition radiation suppression.
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Insulin Receptor Substrate
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Integrated Resort Scheme
Infrared Signature- Measure of the heat signature of an object which can be viewed with IR sensors
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IP routing server
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Identical, Related or Similar