Definitions for "IRM"
Interim Remedial Measure, a remedial action that can be conducted without extensive investigation and evaluation; may be used for both emergency and non-emergency situations
IRM stands for interim restorative material. It is used as a temporary filling. It consists of zinc-oxide and eugenol which has sedative properties.
Interim or Initial Remedial Measure
INFORMATION RESOURCES MANAGEMENT. The planning, budgeting, organizing, directing, training, and controlling associated with the creation, maintenance and use, and disposition of information as well as with related resources, or assets, such as personnel, equipment, funds, and technology. Includes data processing, telecommunications, and records management. See also DATA PROCESSING, OMB CIRCULAR NO. A-130, RECORDS MANAGEMENT, TELECOMMUNICATIONS.
Interactive Relationship Managers. Infomediaries that collect user data based on surfing habits of ISP customers and tailor marketing/promotional programs according to what those customers might like or need.
See integrated resource management (IRM).
Industrial Ruminant feedlot meat Production
routine inspection and servicing of offshore installations and subsea infrastructures.
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Image Rejection Mixer
Immune Response Modifier. A class of unique, proprietary synthetic molecules developed by 3M Pharmaceuticals that have a broad range of potential therapeutic applications, including promising treatments for a variety of viruses and tumors.
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The ASX Interest Rate Market, where it is possible to buy and sell Interest Rate products.
Institute of Respiratory Medicine
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Internal Revenue Manual
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Immediate Removal Measure