Definitions for "IRIS PRINT"
Keywords:  giclee, gicl, inkjet, jet, printer
A type of inkjet print, printed from an Iris printer.
the trademarked name for a digital print produced by an iris graphics inkjet printer. these printers produce better quality prints than standard inkjet printers.
Iris prints are produced using a high quality ink jet printer. The IRIS print, (Giclee®) is produced from vegetable based dyes that are delivered through four million droplets of ink, sprayed onto a surface. These droplets produce a significant range of colors, hues and shades. Iris prints can be produced on many surfaces such as fine art papers and canvas. As with other ink jet printers, the image must first exist digitally in order to be printed.An IRIS Print is completed by being covered with an ultraviolet protective coating to prevent fading. An IRIS print takes much longer to print then the basic ink jet print, because of the higher quality and detail that is produced. It is said the water based prints are able to maintain there quality for a minimum period of 60 years.