Definitions for "IRC"
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Internet Relay Chat - A part of the Internet (not on the Web) that allows participants to "chat" online in a live forum that usually centers around a common interest. IRC is the earliest form of online chat.
An Internet service that allows you to have a "live" (typed) conversation with one or more on-line people in real-time.
Acronym for _I_nternet _R_elay _C_hat.
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International Reply Coupon. A redeemable certificate issued by member nations of the Universal Postal Union to provide for return postage from recipients in other countries. IRC's are exchangeable for postage at a post office.
see International Reply Coupon.
Internal Review Coordinator
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Incremental Related Carrier. Defined in DOCSIS specification, IS-6, North American frequency plans.
Incrementally Related Carrier is a standard used by Cable TV broadcasters to assigning frequencies to channel numbers. Cable services can use Standard, HRC, or IRC channel frequency. HRC and IRC uses channels 1-125, STD uses 2-125 channel assignments. Contact their Cable TV provider for the standard they use.
Independently Related Carriers, the opposite of HRC
Interdisciplinary Research Centres These are large research centres funded by EPSRC over a ten year period. The aim of the centres is to establish large, interdisciplinary research groups with the potential to establish critical mass and develop strong interactions with industry. The IRCs were awarded in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and the majority of existing IRCs are now coming to the end of their ring-fenced funding,.
Interdisciplinary Research Centre
The Industrial Relations Commission has jurisdiction to deal with employment law and industrial relations matters in NSW and was created by the Industrial Relations Act 1996. The Commission has responsibility for: · Making industrial awards setting employment conditions, · approving enterprise agreements, · resolving industrial disputes, and · hearing claims relating to unfair dismissals.
Australian Industrial Relations Commission
Independent Regulatory Commissions. Headed by the boards of five or more commissioners appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate, a dozen agencies exercise a combination of rule-making, administrative, and adjudicatory functions. The oldest existing IRC is the Interstate Commerce Commission (established in 1887). The others were mostly created during the Progressive era (e.g., the Federal Reserve System and Federal Trade Commission) or the New Deal (the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Communications Commission). Each operates in an important area of economic policy; but one of them, the Civil Aeronautics Board, was abolished in 1985 as part of the deregulation movement.
The Intermediate RiderCourse is an 8-hour course of classroom and riding instruction developed by MSF and designed for riders returning to motorcycling or those with limited experience on their own motorcycles. The course reviews basic riding skills, including braking, turning, swerving, making U-turns, and decreasing radius turns. Motorcycles may or may not be furnished, depending on the site.
Illinois Resource Center. A not-for-profit corporation that provides a broad range of professional development services and instructional resources (spanning from early education through adult learning) for school communities throughout Illinois and the nation.
Inter-Register Communications. The data that can be sent from register to register or register to PC.
Inter-region communication. A CICS architecture and software which enables communication between CICS regions and between CICS and non-CICS regions on the same operating system image.
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Intrinsic reaction coordinate. An optimized reaction path that is followed downhill, starting from a transition state, to approximate the course (mechanism) of an elementary reaction step.
A variation on CATV CH assignment frequencies.
Information Resource Center. U.S. Embassy section that distributes useful information for researchers, students, professionals, institutions, non-government organizations, etc.
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Intrusion-resistant cable
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Information and Referral Center
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Iron Rule of Cancer
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Insured replacement cost