Definitions for "IPO"
Initial Public Offering. The first sale of stock by a company to the public.
initial public offering. A company's first sale of stock to the public. Companies making an IPO are seeking outside equity capital and a public market for their stock. (See syndicate, underwriter)
See initial public offering
Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation. A long timescale oscillation in the Pacific Ocean-atmosphere system which shifts climate every one to three decades. The IPO has positive (warm) and negative (cool) phases. Positive phases tend to be associated with an increase in El Niños, and negative phases with an increase in La Niñas.
Acronym for Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation.
Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation. a long timescale oscillation in the ocean–atmosphere system that shifts climate in the Pacific region every one to three decades. For more details see panel in New Zealand in a warming world, this issue.
(Vielseitigkeitsprufung für Gebrauchshunde nach internat. Prufungsordnung) — International training of guard with obedience and tracking work; has three classes (Class I; II, III); similar to Schutzhundeprüfung.
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(ee-poh): Sweetheart
Independent Promotion Organisation
Independent Promotion Organisations
Independent Promotion Organization
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expensive cyanide
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IPO is a station on Line D (yellow line) of the Porto Metro.
The IPO, sometimes referred to as a Case Manager, is the staff person in the prison responsible for the ongoing supervision of an inmate's progress through the system.
Inflation Protection Option. An option available on Adjustable CompLife plans allowing the amount of coverage to keep pace with increases in the Consumer Price Index. Increases as high as 8% will occur automatically and the premium will be increased without further proof of insurability.
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IPO Spinning IQ
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International Police Dog title.
International Programme Office
International Project Office
Integrated Program Office
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The main animation curve system. Ipo blocks can be used by Objects for movement, and also by Materials for animated colors.