Definitions for "Invocation"
The act or form of calling for the assistance or presence of some superior being; earnest and solemn entreaty; esp., prayer offered to a divine being.
A call or summons; especially, a judicial call, demand, or order; as, the invocation of papers or evidence into court.
The summoning of benevolent beings. Often considered to be the polar opposite of "evocation", which involves the summoning of evil spirits.
The ceremony used to start a tournament or pas d'armes. There is little evidence for this being done in the Middle Ages, yet there is little evidence of any sort for what went on at these tourneys and festivals with regard to ceremony. The most accurate source we have is one that describes an ‘ideal' tournament of the 15th century by King René d'Anjou, The Book on the Form and the Devising of a Tournament; and there is no evidence to say that this is how tournaments were done--René himself says that this is an ideal rather than the reality. The sole references seem to be buried in Geoffrey de Charnay's Demands; see Barber and Barker for more detailed information. It is clear that knights often swore an oath at the start of a tournament. Charnay asks, ‘If a knight fails to swear such an oath, should he be excluded?' Modern tournament companies have taken this tradition from the SCA as a mechanism to set the tone and expectation for a day's fighting, generally imploring the combatants to observe the rules, to value the striving more than hollow victory, and to set out what is expected of the combatant and gallery during the day's fighting.
a JBoss AOP class that encapsulates what a joinpiont is at runtime
an access to an encapsulated resource
a joinpoint and can be intercepted by an interceptor
To bring something forth from without.
To bring something in from without.
invoking something.
The basic operation performed on keys, explicitly when a domain program executes one of the three KeyKOS-implemented instructions (call, fork, and return), and implicitly (invocation by the kernel) when certain exceptional events occur.
Thread of execution generated by a method call.
the evaluation of a procedure or function. Invocation and call are sometimes used synonymously.
The act by which a Business Continuity Management or Crisis Management process is formally started. The term is often used to refer to the act of using a service such as work area recovery as offered by a commercial or third party provider. See: Activation.
Putting business recovery plans into operation after a business disruption.
Putting stand-by arrangements into operation as part of business recovery activities.
The presence of the name of an institution or a researcher in a Web page. The global presence is the number of times the name appears in the Web and can be calculated easily using quotation marks around the name in the search engines. Sometimes this figure is referred as the number of times this name is cited in the Web. Some authors refer this as Web visibility, although we prefer to reserve this word for link visibility. This indicator usually favours large, well-known, old institutions independently of their real effort for having a relevant Web presence. No invocation measure was used in our ranking, mainly because it is not possible to assign a unique, unambiguous universal name for every institution.
A formal notification to a service provider that its services will be required.
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The activation of a program or procedure. (Back to the top)
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See method invocation.