Definitions for "Investors"
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"Financier George Soros who made $US1 billion betting against the Bank of England in 1992, is locked in a multi-billion-dollar battle with the Bank of Thailand. Mr Soros's Quantum Fund drew on its $US6b war chest for his play on the baht. The currency fell to an 11-year low against the US dollar after the fund took $US4b worth of short positions in the baht last month. Short positions enable investors to make money from falling prices. The investor in effect sells something not yet bought.
Those philanthropic donors or commercial lenders who provide the funding for a business venture. For the nonprofit these investors are most often foundations, corporations or individuals who are attracted to the cause.
People who give money or capital to a company in order to get more money back when the company makes a profit.
Providers of capital for the long term, as distinct from lenders of short term capital. Investors have rights which lenders don't enjoy and accept risks which lenders aren't exposed to.
An individual whose principle concerns in the purchase of a security are regular dividend income, safety of the original investment, and, if possible, capital appreciation.
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People who invest resources.
people looking to make money over a long period of time in the stock market