Definitions for "Investments"
Securities, real estate and other instruments held for the production of income or profit.
Money spent to earn more money, e.g. on shares in another company.
The ownership of a security to make money by receiving income, capital gains, or both.
Assets, generally of a long-term nature, that are not used in the normal operation of a business and that management does not intend to convert to cash within the next year.
amount of money or other resources measured in terms of money placed on activities or other forms of assets for the purpose of earning profits. (Board of Investment)
Most commonly, securities and real estate held for the production of revenues in the form of interest, dividends, rentals or lease payments. The term does not include fixed assets used in government operations.
Investment costs relate to the system costs, less any subsidies kA Value The product of the thermal transmittance coefficient and heat exchanger area. The value equals the quotients of transferred power and mean logarithmic temperature difference at the heat exchanger.
Items defined in the FSA 86 to be regulated by it. Includes shares, bonds, options, futures, life assurance and pensions.
As a discipline, the study of financial securities, such as stocks and bonds, from the investor's viewpoint. This area deals with the firm's financing decision, but from the other side of the transaction.
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See also Saving and Investment; Public Investments; Foreign Investment
Savings that are designed to increase in value over time and can be used to repay an interest only mortgage ( )
A general description of a person's savings in cash form or other, for example stocks and shares
Responsible for administering and reporting investments, including portfolio, regulatory holdings and cash flow administration.
cash or securities held for soome designated purpose.
a research and analytical firm offering a wide range of market research, analysis and information gathering services
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Invoice billing Invoice date
Balance Sheet account. Carrying value of a business' investment in another business, or in securities intended to be owned for more than one year.