Definitions for "investment manager"
see investment management.
Organization or individual responsible for building portfolios, investing and/or managing assets on behalf of a client. May be responsible (as Fund Manager) for ensuring client portfolios are invested according to investment rules and are in line with an agreed-upon asset allocation mandate. Specialist managers are responsible for specific aspects of a portfolio based on their strengths and experiences (e.g. Currency Overlay Manager, International Growth Manager, etc.).
The individual or entity managing a portfolio of assets in accordance with investment guidelines specified in the plan.  The investment manager is considered a fiduciary under ERISA.
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a person, which may or may not be the operator, who provides investment advice for the CIS.
The individual or organization (often a separate entity from the investment advisor) that has responsibility for making specific investment decisions, and the day-to-day task of executing these responsibilities.
An individual who is responsible for the selection and allocation of investment securities.
An authorised company who are appointed by the member to facilitate the investment of their pension funds. Life Assurance Contract See Term Assurance