Definitions for "Investigator"
A health care professional responsible for the conduct of a clinical study at a study site. If a team of individuals at a study site conducts a study, the investigator is the responsible leader of the team and may be called the principal investigator.
The contractor's employee who is primarily responsible for conducting the study.
A researcher responsible for conducting a clinical trial at a trial site.
an independent juridical entity who has the right to decide for himself whom to meet with and how much information to share with mass media
a photograph using a default Web Browser should appear to meet), a background in prisons, juvenile detention centers
Provides investigative and background information services, including asset, property and bank location searches, credit reports, etc. These reports are often necessary to meet the legal requirements of full disclosure in the divorce process.
a computer-based training program that walks learners through all of the
a solid training program
a trained peace officer employed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Division of Investigation
a normal citizen and just has certain rights out of the code of criminal procedures and the civil code and some other law, a normal citizen has
a professional who is licensed to carry out detection either for the public or for private citizens
a police officer who investigates crimes
public officer empowered under the Residential Tenancies Act to demand, inspect and/or copy documents and information, or enter premises
A person who is interested in the Church and is receiving missionary instruction.
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One who searches diligently into a subject.
A person who works for the defense attorney and is responsible for gathering information and talking to witnesses.
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an expert in air traffic control and radar
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(See Sub-Investigator)
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someone who investigates
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See Principal Investigator.