Definitions for "Investigation"
The act of investigating; the process of inquiring into or following up; research; study; inquiry, esp. patient or thorough inquiry or examination; as, the investigations of the philosopher and the mathematician; the investigations of the judge, the moralist.
A detailed inquiry or systematic examination or study.
to search to find facts and gather information
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a detailed examination, usually involving a site visit plus interviews and file searches, with all involved licensees, district and/or regional offices of government agencies, the complainant and others.
a process comprised of activities specified hereunder as procedures designed to gather information in order to help determine whether wrongful acts occurred and if so, the individual or other entity responsible
The gathering and assessment of objective information to determine if a child has been or is at risk of being maltreated. Generally includes face-to-face contact with the victim and results in a disposition as to whether or not the alleged report is substantiated.
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Synonymous with scrutiny (qv).
An organized group of researchers in search of paranormal phenomena to document with scientific instrumentation.
a very regulated, very regimented, very researched approach to a location
a significant change from a blanket dismissal of protesters as "manipulated
a coordinated departmental effort
Measures one's awareness of seemingly unrelated details and the ability to piece them together into one big picture.
An in-depth study.
(often the middle of a lesson) is a learning segment that includes the process of analyzing, interpreting primary source material and considering the source’s impact on the subject under study. Investigations begin with a question and end with reflection of the investigation in relation to an explicit understanding goal for the subject.
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a working hypothesis
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an intellectual exercise
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a legal, analytical process
EU cooperation enables law enforcement authorities carrying out criminal investigations to request the help of authorities in another Member State when necessary. (See Customs: Customs investigation database, Judicial-criminal)
a way that students can explore a science idea, includes formulating appropriate questions, choosing an approach and method, using practical skills; and locating and using reference material. NoS theme: an idea about the nature of science.
an integral part of the standard in the final Guidance
a marked drop in permanent vision impairment
an attempt to determine the relationship, or lack of one, between the independent and dependent variables or between two or more sets of data
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See clinical investigation
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a fluid thing
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See Checking the Building.