Definitions for "Inversion"
The act of inverting, or turning over or backward, or the state of being inverted.
A change by inverted order; a reversed position or arrangement of things; transposition.
A movement in tactics by which the order of companies in line is inverted, the right being on the left, the left on the right, and so on.
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A change of the usual order of words or phrases; as, "of all vices, impurity is one of the most detestable," instead of, "impurity is one of the most detestable of all vices."
Said of intervals, when the lower tone is placed an octave higher, so that fifths become fourths, thirds sixths, etc.
Said of a chord, when one of its notes, other than its root, is made the bass.
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An inversion is a mutation that literally flips a segment of a chromosome. It is as if the segment was removed, turned by 180 degrees, and then re-attached.
A turning inward
Term used to describe when a body part tilts toward the midline.
The act or process by which cane sugar (sucrose), under the action of heat and acids or enzymes (as diastase), is broken or split up into grape sugar (dextrose), and fruit sugar (levulose); also, less properly, the process by which starch is converted into grape sugar (dextrose).
Breakdown of sucrose to its component monosaccharides, glucose and fructose.
Where the expected stressed or unstressed syllable is switched for its opposite. Shakespeare frequently employed a trochaic inversion - i.e. by placing a trochee at the start of an iambic line.
A method of eduction in which the mind, by means of obversion and conversion, finally arrives at a judgment in which the subject is the contradictory of the original subject.
or inverse modeling: A process of converting geophysical data to an earth model, which compares theoretical models of the response of the earth to the data measured, and refines the model until the response closely fits the measured data (Huang and Palacky, 1991).
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Changing round two elements in a sentence - e.g. when forming questions: I'll see you later- Will I see you later?.
A change in the usual word order of a sentence: Into the valley of death rode the six hundred.
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in-VER-shun An introverted gene sequence. 301
A peculiar method of transformation, in which a figure is replaced by its inverse figure. Propositions that are true for the original figure thus furnish new propositions that are true in the inverse figure. See Inverse figures, under Inverse.
In geometry, an inversion is a transformation that maps all circles into circles, where by a circle one may also mean a line (a circle with infinite radius).
Inversion of an object , denoted I(A), is the operation that corresponds to the geometrical inversion of through the origin. In one dimension, { I(A) } = {A0 , AN-1 , ... , A2 , A1 } . In general, the array element at rx , ry , ... is exchanged with the array element at Nx - rx , Ny - ry , ... . Inversion has the effect of complex conjugating the Fourier transform of the object: F( I(A) ) = F(A)*.
a pair of elements that are out of order in an array, i
A method of reasoning in which the orator shows that arguments advanced by his adversary in opposition to him are really favorable to his cause.
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a frequent occurrence (espe-cially at night) in the Tropics and in the Polar regions
two contrapuntal lines repeated after having switched positions: low voice becoming high and high becoming low. In a canon, inversion means moving the follower voice in the opposite direction of the leader.
Change of carrier type in a semiconductor obtained by applying an external voltage. In a MOSFET, inversion creates the free carriers, which cause the drain current.
If a chiral centre changes configuration during the course of a reaction, inversion has occurred. See also retention.
Said of double counterpoint, when an upper and a lower part change places.
A dangerous condition where a horse's respiration rate is higher than its pulse rate.
a necessary condition for making a laser but not a sufficient condition
a term formerly used to mean taking on the gender role of the opposite sex
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A change in the order of the terms of a proportion, so that the second takes the place of the first, and the fourth of the third.
a pair of numbers that are out of order
an anti-conformal mapping, that is, it preserves angles between lines and changes their orientation
a word that reads differently according to its orientation
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a word or name written so it reads in more than one way
a transaction through which the corporate structure of a U