Definitions for "Intrinsic"
Inward; internal; hence, true; genuine; real; essential; inherent; not merely apparent or accidental; -- opposed to extrinsic; as, the intrinsic value of gold or silver; the intrinsic merit of an action; the intrinsic worth or goodness of a person.
Included wholly within an organ or limb, as certain groups of muscles; -- opposed to extrinsic.
Inherent and essential to the object concerned e.g. intrinsic value may have no relationship to the real value, the intrinsic value being, say, sentimental.
adjective, Latin = on the inside.
An adjective applied to types, operations, assignment statements, and procedures that are defined by Fortran 90 and can be used in any scoping unit without further definition or specification.
Describes entities defined by the Fortran 95/90 language (such as data types and procedures). Intrinsic entities can be used freely in any scoping unit.
A subprogram provided by Hewlett-Packard to perform common functions such as opening files, opening communication lines, or sending and receiving data over a communication line.
A subprogram provided by Hewlett-Packard to perform common functions such as opening files, opening communications lines, performing subsystem-defined functions, or transmitting data over a communications line.
The value of the metal in the coin and nothing to do with the face value. With bullion gold coins they are usually worth their intrinsic metal value (or bullion value) and are not wanted by collectors unless a rare type. In days gone the intrinsic value of a coin was identical to its face value.
The bullion value of the metal from which a coin is made. The intrinsic value may will vary with fluctuations in metal prices.
Net metallic value sans numismatic/face value.
Instrinsic asthma has no clear connection with allergy. It can start at any age. The triggers are usually infection, polluted air, exercise, or cold temperatures, but some attacks occur without any obvious trigger.
A classification of asthma that means the asthma symptoms are not caused by exposure to allergens. Aspirin-sensitive asthma is one kind of intrinsic asthma. (The term "intrinsic asthma" is not used much any more.)
of internal origin; e.g., the intrinsic factor, a muco-protein that is formed by gastric mucosa and is necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12
It is an internal functionality of a given reality whose existence is not conditioned by others' perception.
An automated system adminstration framework for any *nix operating system. Automated package and configuration management are supported.
Situated within the particular part.
situated within or belonging solely to the organ or body part on which it acts; "intrinsic muscles"
Pertaining exclusively to a part. Intrinsic bladder pressure is pressure created only by the bladder, not for example, abdominal pressure.
A system routine accessible by user programs providing interface to common tasks such as file access, message formatting, or data conversion.
System call or procedure accessible by user programs which provides an interface to operating system resources and functions. Intrinsics perform common tasks such as file access and device control.
An external routine that can be called by a program written in any language that your operating system supports.
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A genuine quality.
A word used to indicate a semiconductor that has no impurities.
Invisible sugars that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables.
internal aging that is biologically occurring naturally throughout one's lifetime.
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Another term for pure.
a term used to describe something originating from or located in a tissue or organ
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originating from or on the inside of an organ or part.