Definitions for "Intervenor"
A person, business entity, or public body that is granted the right to participate in a rate case or hearing.
An intervenor is an outside party that, despite not being a named party in a lawsuit, voluntarily enters into the lawsuit because it has a direct interest in the subject matter. A party has the right to intervene as long as it has standing to complain, and shows that it has an interest in the subject of the litigation, that deciding the lawsuit without its presence would hurt its ability to protect its interest, and that its interest is not adequately represented by current parties to the suit. Even if the outside party does not meet all of these requirements, the court can, if it chooses, allow the party to intervene in certain situations.
(law) a party who interposes in a pending proceeding
Keywords:  deaf, tactile, blind, relay, interpret
a professional who is trained to guide, interpret and relay information to a person who is Deaf-Blind through various forms of manual communication such as tactile sign language
a term used in the deaf-blind community to describe an individual who provides direct support for all or part of the instructional day to a student who is deaf-blind
the player who intervenes; doubler, overcaller or cue-bidder; advancer's partner.
a person who provides Intervention to an individual who is deafblind
A union which wants to be on the ballot when another union has already petitioned for an election.