Definitions for "Intersexual"
(obsolete) homosexual. (The switch only makes sense, since bisexual' used to mean 'hermaphrodite.') A person biologically intermediate between male and female. Born with the (full or partial) sex organs of both anatomical genders or with underdeveloped or ambiguous sex organs. he 'true intersexed' condition, where both ovarian and testicular tissue are present in either the same gonad or in opposite gonads, accounts for fewer than 5 percent of all cases of ambiguous genitals.... Although most cases of ambiguous genitals do not represent true intersex, in keeping with the contemporary Iiterature, I will refer to all such cases as intersexed. (Kessler, 'The Medical Construction of Gender,' Signs(1990:5)) ntersexed children are routinely given surgery to make their genitalia unambiguous; such surgery is most often medically unnecessary, and can cripple sexual response.
existing or occurring between the sexes
having sexual characteristics intermediate between those of male and female