Definitions for "INTERSEX"
Not everyone is born strictly male or female, in fact an estimated 1 in 100 babies are sexually ambiguous at birth, and 1 to 2 in 1000 are surgically altered to one sex or the other. These people are called intersexed. For more information, try the Intersexed Society of North America.
Having physical gender markers (genitals, gonads, chromosomes) that are neither clearly female nor male.
(Not applicable to Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) Relating to or characterized by the condition of having both male and female characteristics; being intermediate between the sexes. ( source)
a number of conditions, often confused with Transsexualism, where the person has biological factors which makes them more man or woman, but not completely (in the conventional sense).  Some will undergo medical intervention to become more complete, while others learn to live with who they are, see UKIA.
Incomplete development of the sexual organs (internal or external), making it difficult to determine the true sex of the individual.
An organism with characteristics of both sexes.
An individual which develops first as one sex and then the other.