Definitions for "Internet connection"
Keywords:  dsl, modem, mpbs, sbc, hardwired
Computers can access the data available on the internet once they have an internet connection. It is an effective way of communicating with other computers through a phone line.
Level: Component Referring to a network connection that links to the Internet wide area network.
How you connect to the Internet. Common connections are 56Kbps or cable modems, and DSL or T1 lines.
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an absolute must for web conferencing
a quick putting together of a network to get a message and then it is disconnected afterwards
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a Sure Thing
Keywords:  brought, broken, link, outside, series
a data link between your computer and the outside world that is brought to the outside world (the Internet) by your Internet Service Provider
a series of broken links
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a basic human right, along with food, air, and shelter
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a bit hard to find in those instances
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a necessary piece of every business