Definitions for "internal audit"
Internal audit is an independent and objective appraisal service within an organisation. Internal audit primarily provides an independent and objective opinion on risk management, control and governance, by measuring and evaluating their effectiveness in achieving the service’s agreed objectives.
An examination of a company's records, policies, and procedures that is conducted by the company's own employees to ensure that service standards are met, data recorded in the company's files is accurate and complete, and established procedures are being followed. Contrast with external audit.
The process of conducting an in-house examination of one or more of an organization's processes, functions, programs, etc.
An ongoing appraisal of the financial health of a companys operations by its...
a control by a company's own accountants, checking for completeness, accuracy and deviations from standard accounting procedures.
An ongoing evaluation of a company's financial health by by its own employees.
an indispensable way to understand the health of an organization's quality system
A periodic count of all cash at a teller's station to ensure that deposits and withdrawals balance with the amount that should be at that station.
an important element of any management system