Definitions for "Intermediary"
One who, or that which, is intermediate; an interagent; a go-between; a mediator.
One who is engaged to negotiate matters between two parties, and who for that purpose may be an agent, also called a Business Broker.
A server acting on behalf of an initiator, via delegation or impersonation, making requests to another target server.
It describes a mineral which is in midway between two mineral of a series, like Olivine is in midway between Forsterite and Fayalite in the Olivine Group.
Describing a mineral midway between two mineral of a series. For example, the mineral Olivine - (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 - is midway between Forsterite - Mg2SiO4 - and Fayalite - Fe2SiO4 - in the Olivine Group.
A private company that has a contract with Medicare to pay Part A and some Part B bills.
A private company that has a contract with Medicare to process Part A claims. ( See also Fiscal Intermediary.)
An organization selected to process and pay claims for provider services based on directives and guidelines issued by the sponsoring or authorizing organization-usually the federal (Medicare) or state (Medicaid) government.
Node taking part into a message exchange between a client and a Web service.
The party who facilitates a tax deferred exchange by acquiring and selling property in an exchange. The intermediary plays a role in almost all exchanges today. He or she neither begins nor ends the transaction with any property. He or she buys and then resells the properties in return for a fee.
An unrelated party ( who participates in the tax-deferred, like-kind exchange to facilitate the disposition of the Exchangorâ€(tm)s relinquished property and the acquisition of the Exchangorâ€(tm)s replacement property. The Intermediary has no economic interest except for any compensation (exchange fee) it may receive for acting as an Intermediary in facilitating the exchange as defined in Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Intermediary is technically referred to as the Qualified Intermediary, but is also known as the Accommodator, Facilitator or Intermediary.
Anyone in a position to bring together the principals in a deal or prospective deal. Everyone operating in the financial market tries to keep on good terms with intermediaries, such as accountants and merchant bankers, because it can lead to profitable business. See also beauty parades.
a much higher skilled individual with specialized knowledge and training in business evaluations, financial statement analysis, taxes and deal-making negotiations
Individuals or organizations that introduce deals, frequently working with organizations to assist them in preparing their business plans and refining their strategies.
an entity or service that makes some of the GILS information available but does not provide the full capabilities of a direct user.
Financial institution that acts as a go-between for savers, depositors, and investors.
An individual or institution empowered to make investment decisions for other persons or entities.
A proxy that has used the AuthTradeProxyForCredentials function to obtain from the AOCE server the credentials used in the authentication process that is required to establish an ASDSP session.
an agent that is both a message recipient and a message sender
an application that is capable of both receiving and forwarding SOAP messages
Trusted person or institutional entity that passes either a message or encryption/decryption keys between sender and receiver.
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see middleman.
A substance that plays a role in the middle of a biochemical process.
A person or people who play an important role in disseminating information and helping people access government services. Examples include: family support (providing research for students and non-computer literate people); matching clients to funding opportunities and grants; performing research for a small business owner; and working as a volunteer in a community support area.
a partner in occupational health and safety who ensures that the results and recommendations of a research study are transferred to the target clientele, meaning the working community
firm or organization that operates between the producer of the goods and the end purchaser. Thus, the members of the distribution channel noted above are intermediaries or "middlemen."
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a person or persons acceptable to both the organisation and the individual asking for access
a person who asks a witness (particularly a child) questions posed by the cross-examining legal representative;
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Lying, coming, or done, between; intermediate; as, an intermediary project.
a group or a person that stores valuables or products until they are needed in trade
Organizations that serve as wholesalers who process large amounts of loans or investments.
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Mortgage Glossary
a part of the information seeking process