Definitions for "Intermediaries"
Intermediaries are organizations that play a fundamental role in encouraging, promoting, and facilitating business-to-business relationships and mentor-protégé partnerships.
companies that participate in a distribution channel to facilitate exchanges between the producer and consumer (p. 223)
all the people or organizations in the marketing channel between producers and customers.
Private insurance organizations under contract with HCFA to process Medicare Part A claims.
insurers who have a contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to process Medicare Part A claims.
Individuals or groups that influence the buyer-seller relationship, usually aligned with the interests of the buyer. Knowledge Refinery A specialized Web site optimized to enhance the productivity of knowledge workers, usually front-line professional service providers, field sales staff, or self-service clients; a Web site optimized for delivering answers to the essential questions of knowledge workers and brand eService users.
Non- or for-profit institutions that have specialized lending capacities. They obtain capital in the form of equity and low interest loans from a variety of sources, including foundations and other funders, to form a "lending pool." They then serve as "wholesalers" who process large numbers of small loans or investments. This "economy of scale" often allows intermediaries to be more efficient than a foundation or funder could be if it considered each investment individually. Also, intermediaries often develop expertise in a particular field or region that foundations or funders cannot afford to develop. In the context of this study, non-financial intermediaries include community foundations and financial intermediaries include credit unions, venture capital and loan funds, banks, etc.
Financial fiduciaries including banks, savings institutions and life insurance companies.
This could be an individual, a firm or an organization which helps customers to choose a mortgage and introduces mortgage applications to lenders. These include: mortgage brokers, estate agents, independent financial advisors, accountants, solicitors and life assurance companies.
Intermediary Introducer
an annual issue that provides a quick, comprehensive access to the industry's most experienced and effective dealmakers
Generic term referring to anyone who assists two other parties to do business e.g. IFA effectively bringing together client and insurance company.
Brokers and other intermediaries attempt to arrange suitable financial products or policies for you. They can be fully independent, part of a network that uses a panel of providers, or tied to certain institutions in which case they can only sell their products.
Mortgage brokers or intermediaries who can arrange a loan for you
Agents representing the interests and acting on behalf of individual investors in privatised businesses