Definitions for "Interference"
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a cellular process of gene silencing in which small duplexes of RNA specifically target a homologous sequence for cleavage by cellular ribonucleases
a cellular process that leads to the destruction of a specific mRNA target by naturally occurring RNA pieces
a common technique applied by molecular biologists to determine the function of the many genes in our genome
either Conduct that unreasonably interrupts normal operation s and hinders performance of the work, or Part s, or process es, that interfere one with another preventing the completion of the whole. [D05004] PDG
Impeding progress of an opponent who does not have the puck (2).
to block or impede the opposition’s progress; Ecosystems
The mutual influence, under certain conditions, as from streams of light, or pulsations of sound, or, generally, two waves or vibrations of any kind, producing certain characteristic phenomena, as colored fringes, dark bands, or darkness, in the case of light, silence or increased intensity in sounds; neutralization or superposition of waves generally.
The result of waves impinging on one another. Constructive interference occurs when the waves are nearly in phase, or when their "peaks" combine; destructive interference occurs when the waves are nearly 180° out of phase, or when the "peaks" cancel out the "troughs"of the waves.
The property of radiation, explainable by the wave theory, in which waves that are in phase can add (constructive interference) and waves that are out of phase can subtract (destructive interference); for light, this gives alternate light and dark bands.
Unwanted electrical signals or noise causing degradation of reception on a communications circuit.
Radiated energy such as EMI that interferes with radio signals, causing diminished reception quality.
extraneous natural or man-made radio emissions that overpower or cancel a portion of a radio signal.
The act or state of interfering, or of claiming a right to the same invention.
an administrative proceeding instituted in the Patent Office to determine questions of patentability and priority of invention between two or more parties claiming the same patentable invention
an inter partes proceeding in the U
the tendency of one cross-over to inhibit the formation of other nearby cross-overs.
One crossover event inhibits the chances of another crossover event.
A measure of the independence of crossover events from each other, calculated by subtracting the coefficient of coincidence from 1.
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a substance, other than the assay ed
a substance, other than the assayed
a call that disrupts the flow of the opponents' bidding sequence.
a technology wherein those natural defenses are used to disrupt certain genetic messages, such as those that instigate the growth of viruses or other diseases
A discharge which, alone or in conjunction with a discharge or discharges from other sources, both: (1) inhibits or disrupts the POTW, its treatment processes or operations, or its sludge processes, use or disposal; and (2) therefore is a cause of a violation of any requirement of the POTW's NPDES permit (including an increase in the magnitude or duration of a violation) or of the prevention of sewage sludge use or disposal in compliance with ... [applicable] statutory provisions and regulations or permits issued thereunder (or more stringent State or local regulations).
The result of two or more pumping wells, the drawdown cones of which intercept. At a given location, the total well interference is the sum of the drawdowns due to each individual well. The condition occurring when the area of influence of a water well comes into contact with or overlaps that of a neighboring well, as when two wells are pumping from the same aquifer or are located near each other.
Drawdown caused by a nearby pumping well. Interference between pumping wells can affect well yield and is a factor in well spacing for well field design.
a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries
(1) A theory of forgetting where a person forgets something because a certain experience overshadows it, or the learning of similar things has intervened. (2) Barriers to effective communication that are caused by physiological, environmental, and psychological factors outside the direct control of the instructor. The instructor must take these factors into account in order to communicate effectively.
Difference in angle between mating surfaces of a valve and a valve seat.
Fit The class of fit in which a mating part is deliberately made slightly oversize for the part into which it will be inserted.
A condition where an exterior diameter in the finish area of the bottle is larger than the mating interior diameter of the closure.
a potent and specific tool for modulating DC-mediated immune responses
a potent gastric cancer fighter
Interference occurs when the line between an attacked piece and its defender is interrupted by sacrificially interposing a piece. It is a chess tactic which seldom arises, and is therefore often overlooked. Opportunities for interference are rare because the defended object must be more valuable than the sacrificed piece, and the interposition must itself represent a threat.
faulty action caused by poor conformation in which one foot will hit the joint or leg of another usually with resulting injury.
the effect of any species, other than the ion being measured, which presence in the sample solution affects the measured potential difference of the cell. The most common cause of interference is due to the fact that most ion-selective membranes are not 100% selective for the detected ion. Many permit the passage of other ions to some extent. These extra ions generally increase the measured electrode potential and cause spuriously high concentration results. Other interferences may be due to chemical reactions with the membrane material which may cause positive or negative anomalies, and reactions in the sample which may cause precipitation, complexing, oxidation or reduction of the ion being measured, and thus spuriously low results.
A condition that prevents the completion of an unrestricted competitive binding reaction and its subsequent detection. Interference can be caused by the presence of certain antibodies (species interference), an overwhelming amount of sample constituents (matrix effect) or inappropriate chemicals in a sample.
n. (L. inter, between; ferire, to strike) the overall influence of one plant or groups of plants on another, and encompasses allelopathy or competition, or both of these processes.
When the learner’s mother tongue influences their performance in the target language. A learner may make a mistake because they use the same grammatical pattern in the target language as they use in their mother tongue. The L1 grammatical pattern is not appropriate in L2.
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Interlocutory Decree
Interference is a 1998 industrial album by Cubanate. In contrast to the band's previous releases, it incorporates drum and bass rhythms instead of regular dance beats, and the lyrics are more introspective and personal than what characterizes Cubanate's older material.
a field that was stumbled upon by accident while trying to improve the colour of petunias, however its implications may be far reaching in the near future
Usually an electrical pattern that is not wanted which "rides" the same conductor as a power input flow of wattage at a certain voltage. Interference causes electronics to misunderstand things and to mis-react if it is too great.
The act or state of interfering; as, the stoppage of a machine by the interference of some of its parts; a meddlesome interference in the business of others.
a functional pathway with therapeutic potential in human myeloid leukemia cell lines
a recently discovered biological mechanism that appears to be a widespread and highly evolutionarily conserved (i
any circumstance that denies the racer a free and fair opportunity to negotiate the course from start to finish.
A factor that can impair retrieval from long-term memory. It arises when different items are associated with the same retrieval cue; attempted retrieval of one of these items can be blocked by the inadvertent retrieval of the other item. See also long-term memory, retrieval cue.
The metallic or iridescent look given from some paints or pigments containing mica particles.
A situation in which a piece is played (often as a SACRIFICE) to a square in order to cut off a line of defence.
This term is used to describe both damaged and destroyed monuments, and represents some sort of human interference, great or small, with the monuments.
A condition where a player is touched by an object or person during gameplay.
When two iterations within a DO loop have dependencies upon one another. For more information, see ASSERT.
High-frequency parasitic current that is either conducted (electrostatic origin) or radiated (electromagnetic origin) by a device.
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See: Acoustical Interference
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Damage or deficit to the nervous system.
Crossed arms stationary in front of chest with fists closed.
the negative way of describing governmental action in the economy.
Form of competition where an individual directly prevents the physical establishment of another individual in a portion of a habitat.
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when a third party enters a lawsuit.
an attractive and promising strategy to achieve it
The effect that a compound (or group of compounds) has on the accuracy of test measurement.
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a man-made technology