Definitions for "Interfacing"
Keywords:  stiffen, sew, garment, nonwoven, sewn
The padding or stiffening fabric found between outside fabric and the interior lining of a garment.
Fabric placed between the garment and facing to add body, strength or shape.
This is like stiff stuff that you put on the back of some fabric pieces to make edges and areas stronger. It's an extra thing you have to buy but it's worth it. Sometimes you sew it on and other times your fuse it with the iron.
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The linking of different electronic devices.
Joining of dissimilar devices in such a way that they are able to function in a compatible and coordinated manner; connection of the output of a system to the input of a different system whti different electrical characteristics.
Interfacing is a term used in electronics when different electronic devices are attached. The term is commonly used when attaching memory chips. Interfacing also often refers to the connection of peripheral devices to computers.
The process of establishing a satisfactory work ing boundary between two adjacent part s. See Interface. [D02880] RMW