Definitions for "Interfaces"
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The cable that comes out of the wall jack is a UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Ethernet cable. It is most often black and has a plastic modular end that snaps into a matching port on your computer. To see what the connectors on a UTP cable look like, examine the wires on your digital desktop phone. If you have a single drop coming from a single jack, you will use a UTP cable. Sometimes in dorm rooms where not enough ports are available, students are given transceivers to which several computers can be connected. The cables that come off transceivers are AUI (Auxilary Unit Interface). These cables have a metal housing and either pins or holes at the end, depending on which end you look at. They look something like a serial or VGA cable you would find on a PC. Ask your RCC about transceivers.
A program that controls the display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system.
The API offers the possibility to access the server and services's monitoring data with web applications. A parameterized request is sent to our server, which then sends back the requested information. The interfaces are expanded/broadened if required and are protected with a key against unauthorized access. Available functions: - Current Status: Status information about monitored services and server
This is the Java mechanism for specifying functionality. O.K.I. implementation objects implement an OSID's interfaces. An application uses the OSIDs to access implementation objects.
The formal and informal boundaries and relationship s among people, department organization s, or function [D00870] OTOB 271-4
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plural of interface.
Logical entities that represent sources and destinations for packets. The router routes packets between interfaces not between devices. Some devices can support multiple interfaces. Every interface must use at least one device to physically transport packets.
Devices allowing one piece of equipment to "talk" to another one.
programs that connect to applications.
Areas of contract between the HR unit and managers within the organization.