Definitions for "Interest group"
people who share common policy interests or goals and organize to influence the government
Organized body of individuals who share some goals and try to influence public policy to meet those goals.
Members of the public who organize in an attempt to shape public policy on issues of concern to them.
a collection of people (and resources) around a topic, for the purposes of mutual learning, practice, or support
a list of development/design topics you can choose from to read
a single educational opportunity to inform attendees about a topic or activity of importance to Friends
a subsection of the AGDev community that specialises in a certain area of game development or design
forms around a technology area not necessarily a product; users pay EPRI for the infrastructure for periodic meetings to exchange knowledge and experiences, which may lead to new project work.
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an agreed DM sector or activity set up by the DMA for members to join to enable them to receive sector specific information on issues pertinent to their business
Keywords:  forum, ideas, exchange
a forum for the exchange of ideas