Definitions for "Interdict"
To lay under an interdict; to cut off from the enjoyment of religious privileges, as a city, a church, an individual.
A prohibition of the pope, by which the clergy or laymen are restrained from performing, or from attending, divine service, or from administering the offices or enjoying the privileges of the church.
The ecclesiastical banning in an area of all sacraments except for baptism and extreme unction. In general it does not ban high feast days. Used to force persons/institution/community or secular lords to a view dictated by the church/pope. (MEDIEV-L. Medieval Terms)
To forbid; to prohibit or debar; as, to interdict intercourse with foreign nations.
A prohibitory order or decree; a prohibition.
An order of the court of session, having the like purpose and effect with a writ of injunction out of chancery in England and America.
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(interdiction), inquisition.
destroy by firepower, such as an enemy's line of communication
Physical and virtual exile of an offending nation; complete severing of all travel & communications between the interdicted nation and the rest of the world.