Definitions for "Interconnect"
local cable systems connected together (by wire or microwave) in order to telecast shared commercials or programs simultaneously.
A cable that carries line-level audio signals.
Two or more cable systems distributing a commercial signal simultaneously, primarily to maximize the effectiveness of an advertising schedule by offering a multiple system buy in which only one contract need be negotiated. Interconnects can be hard, where systems are directly linked by cable, microwave relays or by satellite, and the signal is fed to the entire interconnect by one headend; or soft, where there is no direct operational connection between the participating systems but the same commercial is run simultaneously by each of the systems.
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Refers to interface or connection between a radio system and telephone line. Applications include auto-patch, SMR, radiotelephones, PCS, GSM, cellular networks. May also refer to a service provider.
Relating to the provision of CPE, especially installed key and PBX systems (e.g., "the interconnect business"). May refer to a company that provides/installs CPE.
This is a telephone interface between a repeater or control station and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This allows telephone calls to be placed and received from a mobile transceiver.
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The transmission of data from one VAN to another. InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center) The administrative organization that is responsible for, among other things, allocating domain names and distributing RFC's. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the InterNIC is currently run by Network Solutions and AT&T. See also RFC.
The extra communication link between two VANs that occurs when the sender and receiver of EDI documents do not communicate through the same VAN.
The transmission of EDI data from one VAN to another. Enables trading partners to use different VANs.
To join together; to connect with one another.
To become connected with one another.
A conductive connection between two or more circuit elements. The conductors among elements (transistors, resistors, etc.) on an integrated circuit or between components on a printed circuit board.
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be interwoven or interconnected; "The bones are interconnected via the muscle"
cause to be interconnected or interwoven
A highly conductive material, usually aluminium or polysilicon, that carries electrical signals to different parts of a die.
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(See Gateway/Network Interconnect).
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See architecture interconnect.
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The link between individual fuel cells.