Definitions for "Integration"
mixing disabled and non disabled individuals in education and community environments
used to refer to the location of students with disabilities on regular school campus(source: Wayne Sailor from Beyond Special Education.)
Physical placement of students with disabilities on regular school campuses.
The act or process of making whole or entire.
In the theory of evolution: The process by which the manifold is compacted into the relatively simple and permanent. It is supposed to alternate with differentiation as an agent in development.
In electronic records: (1) Combining various pieces of hardware and software, often acquired from different vendors, into a unified system.(2) Combining computer programs into a unified software package so that all programs can share common data.
The operation of finding the primitive function which has a given function for its differential coefficient. See Integral.
The act of calculating an integral, by either a numerical or an analytical solution; the inverse operation of differentiation.
an operation used in the calculus whereby the integral of a function is determined
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The process of bringing together related information from different sources, so as to arrange it by customer. This may involve transactions with the same customer from different transaction processing systems, either because of different geographical locations or because different product groups have different systems. An example might be an insurance company which has separate departments, each with its own system, which sell life assurance, pensions, health, domestic and car insurance to the same customer.
the situation when more than one company choose to join or work together.
The process of bringing data elements from different systems together to form a coherent "integrated" database.
Used here in the broad sense to mean the transformation of disparate data into an integrated data resource.
Two-way, real-time data transfer between two systems
The activity of combining data from multiple data sources to present a single collection of data to the warehouse.
Integration in photographic analysis is defined as the method of averaging all density ( illumination ) values either in R, G, and B, or as neutral density and saving this aggregate value to determine exposure in the camera or the darkroom.
An integration is a sequence of one or more exposures. Whereas the exposure is the result of a sequence of reads, the integration is a summation (or similar) of a sequence of exposures
Acquisition of electronic data from a CCD array. Synonymous with image acquisition or exposure. Analogous to exposure in film terminology.
To Integrate is to make part of you something that is not part of you at this time. It involves identifying any goal you wish to achieve,and then working in the body's energy field with a specific GeoTran process to remove errors, misinformation, and blocks to that goal.
The degree to which the product is part of a storyline with a beginning, middle and end, while achieving an advertiser's target audience and advertising goals/messages.
Groups of states, at the regional or global level, expanding their economic interaction to the point where the separate national economies become increasingly interdependent.
The physical insertion of DNA into the host cell genome. The process is used by retroviruses where a specific enzyme catalyses the process or can occur at random sites with other DNA (eg. transposons).
an essential step of viral replication
The process by which a DNA molecule becomes incorporated into another genome.
For provider organizations, the unification of two or more previously separate providers under common ownership or control, or the combination of the business operations of two or more providers that were previously carried out separately and independently.
Unification. Table of Contents
a fraction of a scan where a measured intensity is represented by a single number
An integration means different things for different observations. For one of the mapping modes it means the data from one fully-sampled coverage of the map area. In a JIGGLE/MAP, where full sampling is achieved by jiggling the secondary mirror, an integration is generally the results from one pass through the complete jiggle pattern. An integration is made up of one or more exposures. Similarly, an integration for a SCAN/MAP observation is made up of data from the raster scans that cover the map area once. For PHOTOM observations an integration is usually the average of a 9 point mini-jiggle. For a SKYDIP observation, an integration is the data from a single revolution of the sector chopper in front of the cryostat window.
The useful organization and incorporation of both new and old data, experience, and emotional capacities into the personality. Also refers to the organization and amalgamation of functions at various levels of psychosexual development.
the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community
Integration is the incorporation of one system into (or with) another in a fashion that they operate together.
Refers to the merger of Swiss civil and military air navigation services. In 2001, the Federal Council conferred this responsibility upon skyguide. Until that time, military flight zones had been exclusively reserved for training flights for the airforce, and civil flight zones were exclusively reserved for civil aviation. Today, civil and military airspace have been integrated to better adapt to user needs. This merger has led to a large increase in capacity and in the synergy between systems and infrastructure. This innovative integration is the first of its kind in the West, and represents a model for other countries.
Mixing one nationality with another, destroying character and civilization by doing so. The term is dated and associated with the failed policies of the 1960's ("conservatives" tried to block "integration" and failed). Nationalists use de-nationalization, which means: destroying the nationality of a nation and its people. The remedy for de-nationalization is re-nationalization or re-Americanization: more positive than simply being "against integration."
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Progressive integration of textiles and clothing products into normal GATT rules and disciplines and out of the scope of the special transitional provisions of the ATC (including phase-out of quotas and implementation of non-discrimination).
A term referring to the degree to which a given company participates in all phases of the petroleum industry. An oil company is considered fully integrated, for example, when it handles its own oil from the well head to the retail gasoline pump. Such a company would be active in exploration, crude oil production, transportation, refining and marketing - all under its brand name. This is known as "vertical integration." By comparison, "horizontal integration" refers to the degree to which a company participates in diversified interests other than its principal business. In the energy field, the term applies to those companies which, in addition to oil activities, have substantial positions in coal, uranium, geothermal energy, etc.
A term that describes the degree in, and to, which one given company participates in all phases of the petroleum industry.
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1) In business operations, the strategy of controlling the sources of supply such as vendors and components (backward integration) or the methods of distribution (forward integration). 2) In systems design, the process that allows separate functions to use a common technology and database, pass data and information without requiring translation, reformatting or duplicate entry, and enable cross-functional views and management.
The marriage of an operational PCA with the system or product with which it is to function.
Function performed by SITA Airport Services SIG (System Integration Group) dept.  Integration involves R & D, identification of technical solutions, and careful observation of a new product's adherence to defined common use policies.  (See Certification, Integration/Certification Process).
The process of pulling one's own hair through a hair integration unit to achieve more volume and/or length. KANEKALON: A trademark for a Japanese-made synthetic fiber which is used extensively in the manufacture of wigs and hairpieces. It's popularity is due to its ability to retain its shape after washing, and also to the fine texture of the fiber, making it a desirable choice for simulating the texture of human hair. There are different qualities of Kanekalon fiber. LACE FRONT: A wig or hairpiece which is made with a mesh insert in the front, into which individual hairs are hand-tied. This is designed to create a realistic looking hairline. The lace front usually has extra un-ventilated mesh so that the front can be custom-ventilated or trimmed to resemble an actual hairline. When properly worn with special adhesive, the hairline can be so realistic looking as to be undetectable that it is not the wearer's own growing hair.
Economic integration refers to reducing barriers among countries to transactions and to movements of goods, capital, and labor, including harmonization of laws, regulations, and standards. Common forms include FTAs, customs unions, and common markets. Sometimes classified as shallow integration vs. deep integration.
The process that allows groups and persons to become full participating members in the cultural, economic, political and social life of a society while at the same time permitting them to maintain their own cultural identity. This term refers to the renegotiation of a more equitable power sharing equation in the society.
A process, clearly distinct from assimilation, by which groups and/or individuals become able to participate fully in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the country.
(Aurobindo) Yogic transmutation of the many personalities that constitute a person.
The degree to which consecutive types of actions or work are carried out by an organizational unit.
the means by which a company seeks to coordinate people and functions to accomplish organizational tasks. p. 385
The third stage of money laundering - provision of apparent legitimacy to criminally derived wealth. See Placement and Layering
adding up multiple consecutive samples as the noise (measurement error) will grow as the square root of the number but the signal will grow linearly.
This refers to the growing of the bone in the jaw usually around a titanium implant.
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The merging of all the personalities into one. A much debated issue. It should really be up to the person who is living with MPD and the alters. If all do not agree on integration then it should not be forced. Respect should be given to the choice of not integrating.
a Key to University Lab Safety Program Success Steven G
a strategic restructuring that involves changes to corporate control and/or structure, and may involve the creation and/or dissolution of one or more organizations
General merchandise and health and beauty aids shelved in aisles with food, not in a separate store area.
The combining efforts of various departments, personnel, and social classes to promote diversity, collaboration and education in a safe and productive environment with the purpose of achieving a higher understanding and knowledge of any particular problem or solution.
The combining of various steps in the production and marketing of a product under the management or control of a single firm. Also see VERTICAL INTEGRATION.
(n) Combination of something in such a way that it becomes fully a part of something else
getting your software to "talk," or exchange information, with other computer systems or software applications
Integration testing takes place when the element under test is tested alongside other software with which it is expected to be integrated.
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(USA) A concept under the Securities Act of 1933 w... Add a comment
Making trade-offs among competing objectives and alternatives. (PMI)
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In an integrated pulp and paper mill, pulp is piped direct to the paper mill
Integration is the application of technology to improve information management and information sharing between justice enterprise agencies at all levels of government.
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activity that creates, modifies, or extends an integration model
Testing that verifies that a new functionality works when applied -- integrated -- into the existing code.
This refers to linking learning in, about and through physical activities.
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