Definitions for "insurance policy"
The actual contract between an insurance company (insurer) and you or your group (insured) that defines specific health benefits covered. The terms of the contract control the benefits you can receive. Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP). The Office of Private Health Partnerships is a small state agency created by the 1987 Oregon Legislature, dedicated to helping all Oregonians gain access to health benefit coverage.
The document containing the contract between the insured and the insurer which defines the rights and duties of the contracting parties.
a contract between a customer and an insurance company, which will pay for particular losses or damage in return for one or more payments, known as premiums.
a promise that provides peace of mind
a protective measure that can provide you with help and assistance as well as protection and peace of mind
See Policy.
Document setting out full details of insurance in force. A policy MAY refer to a single consignment and be sent with the other commercial documents. More commonly there is an open policy for all the shipper's consignments. For each consignment an insurance certificate is issued, cross-referencing the policy.
a business deal between the policy holder and the company
Should cover goods for at least their full value (110 per cent is common), and include details of quantity and route. Where necessary, it should also provide for time extensions and transhipments.
a complex document that can be difficult to understand
a legal document and requires some studying
an insurance document evidencing insurance has been taken out on the goods shipped, and it gives full details of the insurance coverage
a safeguard against the uncertainties of life
A protection against lost wages resulting from the death of the insured individual....
an guaranteed investment that always more than pays for itself and will protect you from something that's inevitable
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a gamble that depends for its success on one party having better information on the risk involved than does the other
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a way to hedge your bets
a special agreement between the insurer and the insured
a written agreement between an insurance company and an individual or organization that requires insurance
a commitment to pay benefits in exchange for premiums
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Insurance plan term