Definitions for "Insanity"
The state of being insane; unsoundness or derangement of mind; madness; lunacy.
Such a mental condition, as, either from the existence of delusions, or from incapacity to distinguish between right and wrong, with regard to any matter under action, does away with individual responsibility.
a legal term attesting that a person is not responsible for his or her own actions, including criminal behavior. (509)
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Insanity is the second album from melodic death metal band Darkane. It was released on March 6, 2001.
Good news predicted if you dreamed of being insane. If you dreamed of others being insane you will receive an unpleasant surprise.
a potential, although very rarely successful, defense to drunk driving charges. Depending upon a particular state’s definition of insanity, a defendant may be able to argue insanity as a defense.
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Intangible Property
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