Definitions for "Inquiry"
The act of inquiring; a seeking for information by asking questions; interrogation; a question or questioning.
Search for truth, information, or knowledge; examination into facts or principles; research; investigation; as, physical inquiries.
Used in the context of general equities. In-line expression of interest in a particular stock, usually asking the firm to bid for or offer stock.
An item on your credit report that shows that someone with a "permissible purpose" under FCRA regulations has previously requested a copy of your credit report data. (See Soft Inquiry, Promotional Inquiry and Hard Inquiry).
A request for a sample, catalog or more information.
A request or search for information. [D02861] Webster
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If you violate the Immigration Act the Immigration officer can write a report and send you to an inquiry. This is like a court case held by Immigration to decide if you did what the Immigration officer says you did and what the consequences should be. If you win an inquiry, that is the end of your trouble with Immigration. If you lose the case, Immigration can either ask you to leave Canada voluntarily, in which case you might later be able to apply to return to Canada, or you might be deported. Anyone who is told they might be sent to an inquiry should get a lawyer as soon as possible either with the help of the DWA or by contacting Legal Services. Back
a judicial process and takes time, he told TOI
a quasi-judicial process, the fairness of which requires appropriate time allotments for parties to make submissions in sequence
a multi-disciplinary, international quarterly publication with contributions from social scientists, academics, physicists, historians, psychologists, artists, medical doctors, activists, and philosophers from an unparalleled geographic range
according to BannerWomen, a valid inquiry is a reponse form voluntarily filled out by the user (to get a free catalog, for example) which contains complete name and postal address. Responses that do not contain complete name and postal address (or non-sensical responses) will not be considered valid. Responses that can not be traced back to an Affiliate's site will not be considered valid. Some forms may also collect other optional information.
A Bluetooth unit transmits inquiry messages in order to discover the other Bluetooth units that are active within the coverage area. The Bluetooth units that capture inquiry messages may send a response to the inquiring Bluetooth unit. The response contains information about the Bluetooth unit itself and its Bluetooth Host.
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a DRTV commercial generated telephone response that doesn't result in an order. Most inquiries ask about product price, payment plan, competing products and product content. Inquiries are distinguished from orders and problem calls.
Not a firm order. It is used to reference customers who have asked for a brochure or more information without making any order commitment.
One who has asked for literature or other information about a product or service.
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Poetic legal summation of a case at a jury trial in Uppsala.
Bookmaker's commission, most often refers to the 11 to 10 football bettors lay on straight wagers; vigorish.
Bindery unit procedure for reattaching bar codes and adding date due slips or "Do Not Circulate" stamp to books returned from the commercial bindery. Bindery
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INR Inside market
A strictly transaction al name. It is an equivalent of knowing, but preferable as a name because of its freedom from " mentalistic" associations.
A type of call in which the customer requires specific information rather than the solution to a technical problem.
Inquiry is any proceeding or process that has the aim of augmenting knowledge, resolving doubt, or solving a problem. A theory of inquiry is an account of the various types of inquiry and a treatment of the ways that each type of inquiry achieves its aim.
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ACES screen function, also called a mode, that lets the user view data on the screen for informational purposes, but prevents the user from making any changes in the data. Narrative and remarks can be added in Inquiry mode. See: ACES
a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"
a writing which is posted by certified mail to the address of the obligee to which payments are normally tendered, unless another address is specifically indicated on the statement for such purpose, then to such address
a formal hearing held by the Information and Privacy Commissioner
A procedure that consists of seeking information, both financial and non financial, of knowledgeable persons throughout the company. It is used extensively throughout the audit and often is complementary to performing other procedures. Inquiries may range from formal written inquiries to informal oral inquiries.
a telephone or a postcard / sealed letter
OMNI capability that allows an end user to view certain information defined by their security level that resides in the system based on a defined set of criteria.
A communication concerning the conduct of a member of the State Bar received by the Office of the Chief Trial Counsel which is designated for evaluation to determine if additional action is warranted by the State Bar.
A means of conducting a search depending on information entered.
A procedure in the Senate whereby Senators, after giving two days' notice, call the attention of the Senate to a matter of particular interest or importance.
A hearing by an planning inspector into a planning matter such as a local plan or appeal.
an expression of interest, whereas a lead is an expression of interest that is qualified to purchase the product or service and has an identified timeframe to make a buying decision with an established budget
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a person who shows casual interest in your product
a "red flag" to your mortgage lender
A relational and tag based cataloging framework and application for storing and searching entities of numerous types.
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Delivered on-line browse
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Same as Lead
a trade lead sent to the buyer by a supplier or the to the supplier by the buyer
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a fact finding mission used by those who are not CLEAR on the law
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a map of the specified activity any incident on the map to get the details
an expression of interest by the client for a speaker's date availability
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a two-step process