Definitions for "Inquest"
Inquiry; quest; search.
Judicial inquiry; official examination, esp. before a jury; as, a coroner's inquest in case of a sudden death.
A body of men assembled under authority of law to inquire into any matter, civil or criminal, particularly any case of violent or sudden death; a jury, particularly a coroner's jury. The grand jury is sometimes called the grand inquest. See under Grand.
Investigation by means of sworn testimony. (Sayles, George O. The King's Parliament of England, 145)
A proceeding in the Family Court where the respondent, after having been provided due notice, fails to appear, and the petitioner alone introduces testimony.
a formal court proceeding that is conducted to provide information that will assist in determining the manner in which an individual died
To dream of an inquest, foretells you will be unfortunate in your friendships.
a popular tool utilized by a District Attorney when an officer is involved in a fatal shooting
a quasi-judicial proceeding, presided over by a judge who receives and evaluates evidence and statements that have a bearing on the shooting, according to Mr
an information-finding exercise, not an attempt to determine guilt
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