Definitions for "Inkjet printing"
Keywords:  nozzle, sprays, droplets, jets, nner
Wet inks are sprayed through fine nozzles onto the paper surface.
Creates a desired image on paper by squirting droplets of liquid inks under pressure from a printhead containing one or more nozzles. The printer's resolutions (often expressed as dots per inch, or DPI) is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the number of nozzles; the frequency of ink droplets; the placement of the droplets; and the qualities of the paper used for printing. nner Form - Form (side of the press sheet) whose images all appear inside the folded signature, as compared to outer form. In-Plant Printer - Department of an agency, business or association that does printing for a parent organization. Also called in-house printer.
A non-impact printing process whereby fluid ink is projected from a nozzle directly onto a material to form the desired image.