Definitions for "INK-JET PRINTING"
Creates a desired image on paper by squirting droplets of liquid inks under pressure from a printhead containing one or more nozzles. The printer's resolutions (often expressed as dots per inch, or DPI) is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the number of nozzles; the frequency of ink droplets; the placement of the droplets; and the qualities of the paper used for printing.
single posters, personalisation, proofing, digital printing
1. A computer-controlled, database-driven imprinting technique that publishers can use to per-sonalize issues by displaying individual subscribers' names in prominent posi-tions, and label special editions for delivery according to zip-code breakdown and other criteria. 2. A plate-less printing system that uses digital data to determine how droplets of dyes should be sprayed onto paper to produce images.