Definitions for "Initiative"
The right or power to introduce a new measure or course of action, as in legislation; as, the initiative in respect to revenue bills is in the House of Representatives.
The right or procedure by which legislation may be introduced or enacted directly by the people, as in the Swiss Confederation and in many of the States of the United States; -- chiefly used with the. The procedure of the initiative is essentially as follows: Upon the filing of a petition signed by a required number or percentage of qualified voters the desired measure must be submitted to a popular vote, and upon receiving the required majority (commonly a majority of those voting on the measure submitted) it becomes a law. In some States of the United States the initiative is only local; in others it is state-wide and includes the making of constitutional amendments.
the power of the people, through the petition process, to enact laws and adopt constitutional amendments independently of the Legislature.
in interactive activities, such as conversation or games, the right or opportunity to set the course of action; as, to have the initiative.
Request for applications, request for proposals, or program announcement stating the interest of one or more ICs in receiving applications or proposals in a given area because of a programmatic need or scientific opportunity. Initiatives are published in the NIH Guide and listed on NIAID's Funding Opportunities List. RFAs and PAs are also published in as funding opportunity announcements. Contract proposals are published in FedBizOpps.
a new development effort or has been in place for some time, an SOA-oriented testing strategy can dramatically improve the delivery and cost of SOA systems
a central component of the MNH/Nepal programme, with its emphasis on participation of key stakeholders
a public outreach programme aimed at an international audience of policy makers, heads of social security institutions and the public at large
a public outreach programme designed to disseminate information and analyses on social security worldwide to an audience of ISSA member organizations, policy makers, and the public at large
readiness to embark on bold new ventures
An initiative represents an enterprise's readiness to embark on a new venture. Generally speaking, the motivation for an initiative arises from a desire to accomplish something that would benefit the enterprise, such as improving productivity, reducing costs or increasing market share.
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a collective endeavor aiming at bringing together the diverse contributions to knowledge and culture from multiple civilizations, with the use of the UNL
a distinct, pro-active ministry focus, flowing out of our core values and representing an enduring commitment, which provides strategic direction and perpetual evaluation for the specific ministry areas of College Church
a general plan of action aimed at satisfying a particular element of the strategic plan
When you have an advantage in time and space, while your opponent is on the defensive.
A term used to describe oneâ€(tm)s control of the game, usually due to better placement of men and easier access to weaknesses in the opponent's position. Category: Glossary 1 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
The player that is on the attack, or otherwise applying pressure to the opponent on the defensive, is said to "have the initiative."
a character trait manifested in a readiness and ability to initiate action; an enterprising spirit; a go-getting attitude; energy; drive; get-up-and-go.
the ability to think and act without being urged; enterprise.
the ability to set or change the terms of battle; implies an offensive spirit.
a collaborative effort between the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and draws on relevant expertise in the non-government sector
a collaborative effort to provide resources to help people who work on Open Source projects
a comprehensive response by the Federal Government to the many challenges facing the farm sector and regional and rural communities
Serving to initiate; inceptive; initiatory; introductory; preliminary.
An introductory step or movement; an act which originates or begins.
a community policing effort with established and measurable long-term goals using effective resources and partnerships
a partnership of the Anti Defamation League, creator of Sesame Street, and early childhood educators and was formed to develop a comprehensive anti-bias training program
a program of BirdLife International, a global partnership of non-governmental conservation organizations
a family of sectoral innovation projects bringing together analysis and practical experience
an innovative pilot program developed to fight the rising poverty in New York City
Short-term goals for channel productivity. Frequently set around product launches, product awareness, program recruitment and program requirement compliance, initiatives have set metrics and time frames, usually less than a year. The initiative may be a formal, named project, a pilot project or an informal executive directive.
The Initiative was a fictional secret government organization in the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
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After rolling a d20, the high roll is the first to take action. After all initiative rolls are completed that is the order in which combat will take place unless there is a choice of delay or focus made by one of the combatants.
Roll a d20 and add Dex bonus to establish turn order. Feats can add to this.
A die roll to determine which side may act first in a combat situation. (D&D 1)
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serving to set in motion; "the magazine's inaugural issue"; "the initiative phase in the negotiations"; "an initiatory step toward a treaty"; "his first (or maiden) speech in Congress"; "the liner's maiden voyage"
a major step in this direction
First step taken by a person or group of people to change a law or policy.
a competitive reaction to what Microsoft is doing with content portability, as much as it is an opportunistic response to consumers' concerns that content they purchase is not playable on arbitrary devices
an unfortunate sign of the times, that even with the enhanced public concerns about water in the post-Walkerton era, government monitoring resources are still lacking
a Medicaid and SCHIP waiver approach recently developed by the Bush Administration to encourage states to expand access to health care coverage for low-income individuals through Medicaid and SCHIP demonstrations
a critical component of the Siemens LifeWorks(TM) vision to help people interact, work and be entertained - without technology boundaries - in an always-on world
Each leader and cavalry unit has an initiative value (0, 1 or 2), in the upper left of the card, surrounded by a gold wreath. If two values are shown, use the top one when attacking and the bottom one when defending.
A primary consideration governing the process of composition, such as the metre selected for a poem; taken from Coleridge.
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a blunt instrument
an area that Stern is focusing on in terms of research and teaching interests, but which is cross-disciplinary
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an attempt to broaden the scope of the data collection and, at the same time, to gather well-structured information
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a lot cheaper and more visible than guarding our ports will be
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a good start with respect to GIS
a continuous process and that the licensing for handset manufacturers was being simplified
an intentional study of these aspects that the Nine Unknown Men have to collect data on
a key element of this worldwide undertaking
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(See Systems Reform Initiative)
a task presented to a group as a problem to be solved using the physical and intellectual resources of the group
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a powerful way to work toward that goal
Refers to the individual's ability to begin a series of behaviors directed toward a goal. [Click Here To Return To List
a daily weight and calorie tracking program
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a software development platform that enables developers to make better games faster
Taking control of the game first is said to be taking the initiative.
an experiment in using available multi-user world technologies in visual communication for planning and urban design
An initiative is a query issued by the current repository to its group repository.
An organized and coordinated strategy to address the needs, issues or desires of a population or community.
a direct consequence of the knowledge gained using generative technology
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a research project or foundation
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a reflection of decisions made at the EA level
a change process or activity designed to achieve one or more objectives