Definitions for "Ini"
Instituto Nacional de Industria
Instituto Nacional de Investidores
Menkheperre Ini or Iny Si-Ese Meryamun was a local king who ruled at Thebes for at least 4-5 years after the death of Rudamun. His existence was first established by the publication of a graffito by Helen Jacquet-Gordon in 1979.
In the Stephen King/Richard Bachman parallel-worlds novels "Desperation" and "The Regulators", the term ini refers to a dimensional portal; in this case, a small aperture (only about an inch across in "Desperation," and somewhat larger in "The Regulators") that connects Earth to the dimension in which Tak was originally imprisoned by ancient forces unknown.
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INI is a hip-hop group comprised of Rass, Rob-O, Grap Luva, and Marco Polo who continued the group with new members after it was disbanded and INI, whose album Center of Attention is one of two included on Lost & Found: Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics, a double LP of Pete Rock's mid-1990s production work, reissued by Rapster Distribution in 2003. The single from Center of Attention, "Fakin' Jax", featured Pete Rock himself.
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Windows File Type - contains Configuration information for program basic information that the program uses when it first starts
An initialization file which contains code for using the data in a command file, in a text or data file, or data loaded into RAM from BIOS ROM including hardware configurations. If you change the name of the file, it (or the system if it is WIN. INI file) may not operate properly.
Initialization file Windows, DOS, and OS/2
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Impact Nominal Index
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INI is an acronym.
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Images National Initiative