Definitions for "Infiltration"
The act or process of infiltrating, as of water into a porous substance, of a fluid into the cells of an organ or part of the body, or of persons into a hostile organization.
The substance which has entered the pores or cavities of a body.
The movement of groundwater or hydrothermal water into rock or soil through pores and joints.
The act of wind blowing into the house through poorly weather-stripped windows and doors.
The leakage of air into a building through cracks and openings. The house air pushed out is sometimes known as "exfiltration".
The process by which air leaks into a building. In either case, heat loss results. To find the infiltration heating load factor (HLF), the formula to account for the extra BTU's needed to heat the infiltrated air is
Enemy soldiers posing as refugees (wearing traditional Korean white robes over their uniforms) easily blended in with the millions of South Koreans who had fled their home to avoid the war. Once behind friendly lines, these infiltrators regrouped and attacked Allied positions from the rear.
a process in which individuals (or small groups) penetrate an area (especially the military penetration of enemy positions without detection)
The act of entering a recon zone without being detected by the enemy
It is a pseudomorph which occurs when some of the atoms of a mineral are replaced by different atoms and forms another mineral.
A pseudomorph occurring when some atoms of a mineral are replaced by different atoms forming another mineral.
Material or cells not naturally belonging to an organ or tissue
Infiltration is the diffusion or accumulation (in a tissue or cells) of substances not normal to it or in amounts in excess of the normal. The material collected in those tissues or cells is also called infiltration.
Penetration of a substance such as a tumor into the material surrounding it.
a gradual penetration by scattered units.
the process of passing through tissues or through a semi-permeable medium or filter.
the displacement of present residents by people of lower economic status or different cultural or social background.
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