Definitions for "Infibulation"
The act of temporarily, whether through sewing, piercing or other means, closing up the sexual organs inside the body so that they can't be used. Usually part of a chastity fetish ritual, but sometimes of interest to those undergoing gender reassignment.
(in·FIB·u·la·tion). Anciently a simple surgical procedure where a surgeon would pierce the foreskin to receive a light wooden pin called a fibula. See Celsus, De Medicina 7.25.2.
A form of female genital cutting (FGC) that involves removal of some or all of the labia minora, cutting of the labia major, and stitching of the labial surfaces to form a hood of skin covering the urethra and most of the vagina, leaving a small opening.
The act of clasping, or fastening, as with a buckle or padlock.
The act of attaching a ring, clasp, or frame, to the genital organs in such a manner as to prevent copulation.
Keywords:  suture, ring, vagina, penis, closing
closing penis/vagina with suture or ring