Definitions for "Infants"
The members of Infants came together from Tokyo, Oslo, Leeds and rural Essex, forming the band in London, England at the end of 2005. The music website Drowned in Sound soon picked up on the band’s then unreleased recordings and live shows, describing them as "Pop terrorists: [they] sound like Melt Banana clawing the eyes out of Brainiac; only if they were brought up on insane underground dance rhythms." Their energetic sound is commonly, though not exclusively, characterised by very fast drum patterns, heavy use of guitar FX pedals and monolithic synthesiser basslines.
To dream of seeing a newly born infant, denotes pleasant surprises are nearing you. For a young woman to dream she has an infant, foretells she will be accused of indulgence in immoral pastime. To see an infant swimming, portends a fortunate escape from some entanglement.
Black's medical dictionary, G Macpherson ed; 38th ed Babies under one year old.
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Children aged less than 12 months.