Definitions for "Inf"
Treaty on Intermediate- and Shorter-Range Nuclear Forces
Intermediate-range Nuclear Force
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed in 1987, which eliminated tactical ("battlefield") nuclear devices and GLCMs from Europe.
An Independent File format for platform-independent setup scripts understood by the Internet Component Download service. It uses URLs to point to files, which may be at different locations (depending on the desired platform), that need to be downloaded and set up for an .OCX file to run. This mechanism also provides platform independence for non-HTTP servers. (MIME Type: application/x-setupscript.) .
A file accompanying PostScript fonts for Windows. The INF file contains information for families that contain style-linking, and is required to use the fonts.
INFORMATION FILE A Windows setup file
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Infantry KAR(In unit/formation designation) Kenya (eg: 11 (K) Bn KAR KAR
International Naturist Federation
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Non-user node that connects pieces of the network (e.g. routers, hubs, switches) together. INF nodes need IP addresses and Hostnames and are billed to Processing Unit JJCNS.
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Innovative Foods
Abbreviation for: inland navigation fix Fr: INF
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Infantry. return
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Refers to If-then-else Normal Form.
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Information Services